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The Kirker African Medical Relief Association – KAMRA teams up with NIMBAYA to undertake fundraisers in Columbia, SC and other places around the USA for the charitable cause of KAMRA and Jii-Water to improve the quality of life in Africa (Niger and Guinea). NIMBAYA! is a troupe of women from West Africa playing the djembe, an instrument historically reserved for male players. These female artists have made a name for themselves in choosing to become percussion players, demonstrating their desire to control their destiny and lead themselves out of a life of poverty through art. To learn more about NIMBAYA click on NIMBAYA

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MAP Shipment arrives in Niger. More than $10,000,000.00 worth of medicines are delivered.

On Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013, the Niger Minister of Health officially received in Niamey a donation from The Kirker African Medical Relief Association - KAMRA. This donation was made possible thanks to the generosity of MAP International, a global health organization that partners with people living in conditions of poverty to save lives and develop healthier families.  To learn more click on MAP Shipment_Nov 2012.pdf

Niger Minister of Health receiving samples of medicines from the MAP shipment - January 2nd, 2013

MedShare provides supplies to the Kirker Hospital

In collaboration, with the Coca-Cola Foundation Africa, MedShare delivered a shipment of medical equipment and supplies for the Kirker Hospital in Maine- Soroa, Niger. Following a long journey from its starting point in Atlanta, Georgia, the shipment arrived in Niamey where it was received with a large reception at the Coca-Cola warehouse. To read more about this shipment, which arrived in Maine-Soroa in February 2010, click on medshare.pdf.

“Give Hope”

These students attending class are thankful to get some  education. The Barbara Kirker Second  Chance School of Maine-Soroa, Niger, provides it for them. Prior to Barbara’s school these children and others like them had no chance at formal education.  For one reason or another, they were simply left out of the mainstream. To read more about the school, click here Barbara School

KAMRA receives a $50,000.00 grant from The Fistula Foundation to implement the Obstetric Fistula & Pelvic Floor Disorders Project at the Kirker Hospital. 

The goal of the project is to develop an Obstetric Fistula and general Pelvic Floor Disorders program that blends optimally with the regional needs of the women in the Diffa region and the mission of Kirker Hospital. To read more click on Kirker Hospital Fistula Project.pdf

The Hospital in Maine Soroa was established in the 1960s and 70s through the efforts of Dr. William O. Kirker and his wife Barbara, then Peace Corps volunteers. It provides health care and services to people from four countries:  Niger, Chad, Cameroon and Nigeria. To learn more on the Kirker Hospital, click on Kirker Hospital 

Thanks to Books For Africa (BFA), the Barbara Kirker Second Chance school now has a reason for the room that had been designated as a library and computer lab.  Before the support from BFA, there was nothing on the shelves, now the school has some books! Before  the support of BFA, most of the children at the school have never had a book of their own.  

Books for Africa brings smiles to students at the Barbara Kirker School !

A unique partnership designed to improve the quality of life in Africa



Established in 2007, The Barbara Kirker Second Chance School continues to make the difference in the lives of disenfranchised children in Eastern Niger. The school now has an improved curriculum with the addition of the teaching of English language and computer classes. School will soon have access to Internet, and see its size doubled.


On March 24, Kirker Foundation Niger held an official ceremony to present medicines donated by MAP International to officials at the Kirker Hospital. The shipment valued $8,000,000 were dispatched between the Kirker Hospital, 20 rural clinics in the Maine Soroa District, the regional Hospital of Diffa, and the National Hospital of Zinder.

Through the generosity of MAP International, and the sponsorship of International Relief Teams, KAMRA is getting ready to ship in April 2014, another container of medicines, worth more than $1,600,000.00; which will cost KAMRA $12,000.00 to ship to the Kirker Hospital, and other medical facilities critically in need of these pharmaceuticals and supplies in Niger.

Read more on recent activities in Niger click on  Update from KAMRA Niger.pdf

Mrs. Barbara Kirker honored by The Coca-Cola Africa Diaspora Network

Mrs. Barbara Kirker was honored in May, 2012 by The Coca-Cola Africa Diaspora Network as one of the women who have the most impacted the life of people in Africa for her second chance school initiative in Eastern Niger.  The honor was made at the 4th Annual Coca Cola Africa Day Celebration.

Other honorees recognized on that occasion, along with Mrs. Barbara Kirker include Asha-Rose Migiro (Dr.), Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu, Deirdre Finan, Graca Machel, Lady Kate Njeuma, Leymah Gbowee, Lilia Labidi, Luisa Diogo, Mamphela Ramphele (Dr.), Mfon Ufot, Nawal Moutawakil, Nell Diallo, Oprah Winfrey, Oreoluwa Somolu, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Ruth Sando Perry, Wangari Maathai, and Susan Mboya.


This recognition is consistently being corroborated by the excellent results of the school she established in 2007 in the district of Maine Soroa, Niger. The purpose of the school was to give children, who had missed out on being enrolled in Niger’s mainstream educational system by enrollment age, a “second chance” to become educated.  The school is fully accredited by the Niger Ministry of Education and provides an opportunity for children nine to fourteen years of age to attend school. Originally the school was to be founded for girls only, who traditionally were not given much chance at formal education.  Their parents did not register them into the school system, but kept their daughters at home, thinking they would become wives and mothers as early as the age of 14. Since its inception, the school has provided a golden second chance to education to hundreds of young girls and boys who would otherwise remain uneducated their whole lives.

The Barbara second chance school has again been recognized in 2013 as the best second chance school in Niger. This recognition was awarded by Niger Ministry of Education based on a nationwide evaluation, with a score of 18/20. In just five years, almost one hundred students were graduated and joined their peers in secondary schools, some with exceptional scores exceeding 9.9/10.

To learn more on the Barbara Kirker Second Chance School, and the second chance initiative go to:


Posthumous Tribute to Barbara Kirker, Co-Founder of KAMRA:

In 2013, KAMRA witnessed a great loss with the passing of its co-founder, Mrs. Barbara Jean Ayako Kirker. Born on May 7, 1939 in the then Territory of Hawaii, Barbara spent most of her life caring for others, and putting service above self as her cardinal living principle. She lived a fully accomplished life as a wife, a mother, and a philanthropist. Read more Posthumous Tribute to Barbara Kirker.pdf



The situation in Niger’s southeastern region of Diffa near the border with Nigeria is becoming extremely alarming. According to UNHCR, some 40,000 people have taken refuge in that region in the past six months following an upsurge in Boko Haram violence in Nigeria, straining host populations who are already some of the poorest people in the world. To learn more click on Emergency Assistance.pdf.